WATCH | Fifth person nabbed for unrest as Ngizwe Mchunu leaves police headquarters in handcuffs

WATCH | Fifth person nabbed for unrest as Ngizwe Mchunu leaves police headquarters in handcuffs

  • A fifth person has been arrested for crimes related to the week-long unrest in Gauteng and KZN.
  • The arrest of the suspect comes as Ngizwe Mchunu, one of the alleged “instigators” of the unrest, left KZN police headquarters in handcuffs.
  • He previously said police were accusing him of perpetuating violence.

Police have arrested a fifth person in connection with crimes related to the week-long unrest that rocked South Africa – this, as Ngizwe Mchunu, one of the alleged “instigators” left the KwaZulu-Natal police provincial headquarters in handcuffs on Monday.

Minister of Police Bheki Cele said on Monday: “There are five people arrested now, two have been in court, they did not get bail. One was from Westonaria and the other in Rooderpoort. One lady is yet to appear in court, another was arrested and now a fifth has been arrested today and they have not appeared in court.”

He was speaking during an inspection of areas in Durban and Pietermartizburg affected by the unrest that ravaged the East Coast for over a week.

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Speaking about the fifth suspect without naming them, Cele said:

We expect that person to go to court. He has been telling the world that he is scared he is going to be arrested. I’m sure if you tell people you are going to be arrested, you are doing something wrong. But that person is definitely in the hands of police.

A police source told News24 that Mchunu was arrested. It’s understood he had also been on the run from police.

Cele was earlier at Mansel Market on Umgeni Road in Durban where police recovered a slew of appliances and other items.

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The police minister said they would bag and keep all of the goods they recovered, to be used as evidence.

News24 previously reported that Acting Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said, of the list of 12 people the government believed to be at the centre of the “well-orchestrated economic sabotage”, one unnamed person was arrested.

Mchunu, a former Ukhozi FM presenter and radio personality, previously told media at Kwa Mai Mai in Johannesburg, that he wanted President Cyril Ramaphosa to release Zuma from jail or all hell would break loose if the demand wasn’t met.

The former presenter claimed police were looking for him, and threatening him.

SOUTH AFRICA - MARCH 17: Radio DJ Ngizwe Mchunu du

Former radio DJ Ngizwe Mchunu.

Mchunu said the police accused him of “perpetuating the violence”, which plunged the country into chaos.

Mchunu was alleged to be hiding in KZN, in fear of his life. In a video, that had since gone viral on social media, the alleged instigator said Johannesburg wasn’t easy and that he did not feel safe anymore.

“I’m doing this video while being emotional. If you cannot see that we are all at civil war, only a stupid person can never see that. Right now, I’m on the run, as a result. I’ve survived five times trying to make an arrest. Fortunately, enough, now I’m in KZN hiding somewhere,” Mchunu said before his arrest.

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