Washington, DC riots and Trump presidency news: Live updates

Alyssa Farah, former White House communications director, on January 8. CNN

Former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah said President Trump lied to the American people about the 2020 presidential election and he should “seriously consider” resigning.  

Farah told CNN this morning that the President and his advisers are directly responsible for inciting the mob at the Capitol. She said it’s “unacceptable” that Trump didn’t more forcefully tell rioters to leave the Capitol grounds. 

“They allowed this myth, this lie, to take a life of its own that the election might be overturned,” she said on CNN’s “New Day.”

When asked directly if Trump lied to the American people, Farah said “he did, on the election.”

“People around him know better. We know that the results were not going to be overturned. We knew that it was a stunt to carry this on for days longer,” she said.

Farah told CNN’s John Berman that she’d feel safer if President Trump resigned from office and Vice President Mike Pence took over.

“I think that it’s something he should seriously consider. I don’t think that when you’ve got just a number of days left, there’s any need to carry on kind of the charade of an impeachment, the people’s house needs to get back to work,” she added.

Farah, who resigned in December, also explained why she left her post. 

“I had growing concerns about the fact that I felt like we were misleading the public with this endeavor to say that the election was stolen,” she said. 

Watch part of Alyssa Farah’s interview on CNN:

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