US election 2020: Trump criticised over false claim doctors profit from Covid deaths – live updates | US news

Our excess mortality rate is 42% lower than Europe. They’ve kept saying, Germany! Germany! Germany! First of all they have different ways of counting. You know in Germany, if you have a bad heart and you’re ready to die. Or if you have cancer and you’re going to be dying soon. And you catch Covid, that happens, we mark it down to Covid. You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from Covid. You know that, right?

I mean our doctors are very smart people. So what they do is, they say, I’m sorry, but you know everybody dies of Covid. But in Germany and other places, if you have a heart attack, or if you have cancer, you’re terminally ill, you catch Covid, they say you died of cancer, you died of a heart attack. With us? When in doubt, choose Covid.

Now, it’s true. Now, they’ll say ‘oh, it’s terrible what he said’, but that’s true. It’s like $2,000 more.

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