The early voting window is closing

Yet others are winding down this week as officials prepare for Election Day itself. Time is also running thin to request a mail-in ballot. Some states are still letting people request them, but there’s not much cushion room for it to arrive in your mailbox and be returned in time. Check your state rules here.

Early voting begins in Maryland.


Deadline to apply for mail/absentee ballot in Arkansas, California, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Kansas, New York (postmark deadline), North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Early voting ends in Louisiana and Pennsylvania.


Early voting ends in Alabama, Maine and Tennessee.


Deadline to apply for mail/absentee ballot in Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan (ballot by mail).

Early voting ends in Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas and Utah.


Deadline to apply for mail/absentee ballot in Ohio and Virginia (in-person).

Early voting ends in Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma (2 P.M.), Virginia and West Virginia.

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