Sunday Scrum: Preventing a second wave of COVID-19

CBC News Network’s Sunday Scrum panel is your destination for frank discussion and analysis of the week’s big political stories.

This week, we talk to our panellists about the possibility of returning to lockdown as temperatures drop, public spaces reopen and COVID-19 cases climb in Canada’s three most populous provinces.

The panellists also examine discussions between Ontario and Quebec about economic recovery from the pandemic, as both provinces call on the federal government to move forward with an increase in the federal health transfer.

Also on the program: staring down the country’s uneven economic rebound, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s vision for his party and WE Charity’s decision to wind down operations in Canada. 

WATCH | Preventing a second wave of COVID-19:

As kids across Canada return to school and workplaces begin to reopen as the cold weather approaches, Canada’s three most populous provinces are witnessing a worrying uptick in coronavirus cases. Is there a chance of returning to a lockdown? 9:58

WATCH | Ontario and Quebec call for more help from the feds for health care:

The premiers of Ontario and Quebec met this week to discuss economic recovery and health preparedness and called on the federal government to step up with an increase in the federal health transfer. 4:55

WATCH | The uneven pandemic recovery:

The governor of the Bank of Canada warned this week that the slower rebound facing women, youth and low-wage workers could pose a threat to a broader economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 5:25

WATCH | O’Toole’s vision for the Conservative Party:

New Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said this week that a united Conservative team will offer Canadians a pandemic recovery plan that will rebuild the economy and give people fresh hope, promising a party that is compassionate, intelligent and committed to better reflecting Canada’s population. 9:27

WATCH | WE Charity winds down operations in Canada:

After months in the political spotlight and pointed questions about its role in a summer student grants contract, WE Charity announced this week that it is winding down its operations in Canada. But as Parliament resumes later this month, the move is unlikely to make questions for the Trudeau government go away. 7:25

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