Stimulus vote in Congress: Live updates

The bill text of both the $1.4 trillion spending package and the $900 billion Covid-19 relief deal have yet to be released — even though both houses of Congress are trying pass those measures today. 

The expectation is text will be released in the next couple of hours, so possibly before noon ET, but as we’ve seen, that could slip. 

Then the House Rules Committee will meet — likely an hour after the bill is finally unveiled. In that meeting, the $900 billion bill will be added as an amendment to the $1.4 trillion spending package. That meeting might take an hour or so. 

After that, the full House will debate the rule governing floor debate. After passing the rule, there will be a set amount of time for floor debate on the $2.3 trillion underlying bill. And then House passage later in the day.

So as you can see, bill passage might not be until much later.

Then, there’s a question of the United States Senate: All 100 members of the Senate need to agree to a quick vote — but any one of them can delay the process. If one does delay the vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can take procedural steps but that takes several days to play out. 

Congress today is trying to pass an additional week-long stop gap to give time for the bill paperwork to be drafted and enrolled and sent to the White House.

Government funding expires at midnight. 

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