Senate and House election results: Live updates

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The real question on Election Day is whether Republicans can hang onto their slim majority in the Senate.

Democrats need to pick up a net of three seats if Biden wins and four if Trump wins (the vice president breaks ties in the Senate) to seize power.

They’re pretty much guaranteed to lose a Senate seat in Alabama, so Democrats are looking for 4-5 seats elsewhere. There are plenty of opportunities.

One Republican-held seat — Colorado — is rated by CNN as “lean Democratic.”

Three Republican-held seats — Arizona, Maine and North Carolina — are rated by CNN as “tilt Democratic.”

Three Republican-held seats — Georgia, Iowa and Montana — are rated by CNN as “tossup.”

If there’s a massive Democratic wave, look to the three Republican-held seats — Kansas, South Carolina and Georgia’s second seat — rated by CNN as “tilt Republican.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are expected to build on the House majority they won in 2018.

Check out the full ratings here.

CNN’s Phil Mattingly explains:

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