Robert De Niro Is a Hapless Movie Producer in Debt to the Mob in ‘The Comeback Trail’ Trailer

Robert De Niro and Zach Braff play hapless movie producers who hatch an insane plot to pay back a mob boss, played by Morgan Freeman, in the new trailer for The Comeback Trail, set to arrive November 13th.

The scheme De Niro and Braff’s characters craft involves a classic bit of insurance fraud: They decide to make an action-packed Western and enlist a washed-up — and decisively deranged — actor named Duke Montana (played by Tommy Lee Jones) to star in the picture, with the goal of “accidentally” killing him during a stunt so they can collect the life insurance.

The inevitable hitch in the plan, however, is that Duke ends up being impervious to all manner of death. In the trailer alone, he survives a daily game of Russian roulette, being engulfed in flames and falling from a rope bridge that snaps in half over a giant canyon.

The Comeback Trail was written and directed by George Gallo and is a remake of Harry Hurwitz’s 1982 film of the same name. The new film also stars Eddie Griffin, Emile Hirsch and Kate Katzman.

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