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New super PAC launches to support Trump in final months before election

The group called “Preserve America,” will be run by veteran GOP operative Chris LaCivita who is best known as the architect of the group “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” which hammered the war record of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004.

Preserve America will start to air ads Tuesday in the battleground states of Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arizona. They plan to invest $25 million in television ads and another $5 million in digital ads.

The investment comes two months before the election as Trump continues to trail former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls, and to win Trump would have to be the first incumbent in over 70 years to come from behind after trailing following the major party conventions.

Speaking directly to the Trump base, the first round of ads play heavily into Trump’s law and order theme. They include testimonials from a wife whose police officer husband was killed in the line of duty and an African American police officer whose daughter was murdered by a gang member.

“The radical left-wing mob is trying to destroy our country from within and Joe Biden is too weak to stop them. It’s a concern shared by a growing number of Americans and we intend to spread their message far and wide over the coming months,” LaCivita said in a statement to CNN.

Preserve America’s launch comes after months of concern by prominent Republicans about the work of the main Trump super PAC, American First Action.

In a statement to CNN, Linda McMahon, the chairwoman of America First Action, said she welcomed the support of the new group.

“Since April, America First has been the single largest outside investor supporting President Trump against an army of liberal outside groups. With 65 days left and polls tightening, we welcome all allies whether it’s Preserve America, Club for Growth, the National Rifle Association, Committee to Defend the President, etc. We have a common goal: Re-elect Donald Trump,” McMahon said.

CNN’s Fredreka Schouten contributed to this report.

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