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Happy day Melbourne!

As of midnight, the strictest of the restrictions were lifted, and it looks like the rain will hold, so I hope you go for a walk in the sunshine to get a coffee, sitting at a socially distanced cafe, just because you can.

The dust is still settling on Josh Frydenberg’s verbal explosion at the Victorian government, during a Labor moved motion thanking Victorians for their recent sacrifices during lockdown.

The Treasurer has not backed down from hijacking the motion to rage at the Victorian Labor government, which included this line:

“A friend of mine said that a friend of his had taken his own life because he lost his job in Victoria.”

It was a lot, and it is still reverberating today.

Murph covered it off here

Estimates continues today – economics, foreign affairs, community affairs (social services) and education and employment are up today. Labor has managed to uncover enough to keep the government uncomfortable these hearings, but of course, being 2020, everything always comes back to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, there are just a few days left in the Queensland election campaign. It has been ticking away in the background, with Labor strategists and campaigners worried about the Palaszczuk government’s chances of keeping government. A lot of voters have already voted, which is skewing the polls somewhat – someone I was talking to yesterday said they had been polled eight times already and were so annoyed at the constant phone calls, they were no longer cooperating, to give you some idea of what it’s like – but the LNP have a path to victory (even if its in minority government) and that in itself is enough to have Labor worried.Plus, there is Clive Palmer and his millions, which are targeting Labor with a fake death tax campaign. There is no death tax – but that hasn’t stopped Palmer from basing his entire advertising campaign around that there ‘could’ be.

But again, I am not making a prediction, merely letting you know what I am hearing (because that is my job).

Queensland is three states in one. The south east votes completely differently to central Queensland, and then the north is a whole other story. It is always a bit of an unpredictable mess, and a wild ride – we won’t know anything until Saturday. Happy Halloween.

We’ll cover all of that, as well as whatever else happens in the parliament (I assume there will even be some legislation at some point), covid and estimates across the day. You have Amy Remeikis with you again. I’m on to my third coffee, and have a feeling we are heading to at least five this hump day – the 44th Wednesday we have endured this year.


Let’s get into it.

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