Live updates: Second stimulus Covid-19 negotiations

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks on the Senate floor in Washington, DC, on December 17. Senate TV

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor that, with a shutdown deadline looming at midnight Friday, weekend work in Congress is “highly likely.”

He also suggested that lawmakers may need to pass a short-term stop-gap bill to avert a shutdown and said if that’s the case, he hopes the extension is just for a “short window of time.” 

“We’re going to stay right here until we’re finished, even if that means working through the weekend, which is highly likely, and if we need to further extend the Friday funding deadline before final legislation can pass in both chambers I hope we’ll extend it for a very, very short window of time,” he said.

“Bipartisan, bicameral committee work has full year government funding legislation on the one yard line. I’m optimistic that if we can close out our other parallel business we should be able to fund the government and move forward together,” he added.

Some background: Lawmakers are up against a Friday at midnight deadline when government funding will expire.

The issue is tied up with an effort to pass a stimulus deal, with lawmakers hoping to pair the two measures together.

At this point, though, lawmakers are also discussing the potential necessity of passing a short-term stop-gap measures to avert a shutdown and allow more time for negotiations on a broader deal.

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