Integrity commission under fire; Australia awaits American election outcome – politics live | Australia news

Although, is it?

My dreams were filled with smoke and red slashes and enough shadowy figures to make even Jung raise an eyebrow, so it’s not exactly great.

And it seems many of you feel the same way – there were so many people on the site this morning, looking for Trump news, it almost crashed.

Be reassured that we feel the same way, and will keep you updated across a whole range of stories and blogs, including this one. My sleep-addled brain is on full flight-or-fight response, and I imagine many of you woke with a shot of adrenaline (I did) so we will bring you as much information as we can.

In the meantime, if you are stressed, could I recommend taking a quick walk outside? Staring at, or even touching, a tree? It sounds trite, but there is nothing you can do, but try and break the feedback loop in your brain if it gets really bad. There’s also biting into a lemon, or licking salt – both can stop circular thoughts (your brain can’t concentrate on more than one thing when it has an overload of sensory stimulus).

First, to Australia, where the government is being slammed by all quarters (except its own, obviously) for its proposed national integrity commission. And rightly so – it’s less of an integrity commission, and more of a “we’ll look at some things behind closed doors and you’ll never know, and we’ll decide what is corrupt or not” commission. The government has given itself six months for “consultation” but it is pretty clear that the results are already in: without some serious changes, it will struggle to get this through the parliament. It may – if certain members follow through with declarations of crossing the floor – struggle to get it through the House. At the end of the day, the Morrison government holds a two-seat majority, so it’s not impossible. Of course, that would mean people like Llew O’Brien still feeling strongly enough about the issue that they cross, so we’ll see.

We’ll also have Covid and everything else happening in Australia. Polls are still open in the US, so there is not a lot to bring you right now, but we will keep you updated on that – and the Australian reaction – when we can.

You have Amy Remeikis with you. OK. Ready? At the end of the day, as one particularly dangerous narcissist said, it is what it is.

(Trump. It was Trump who said that. About people dying from Covid.)

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