Former Labour MP Luciana Berger accused Jeremy Corbyn of anti-Semitism

Former Labour MP Luciana Berger has accused former party leader Jeremy Corbyn of anti-Semitism.

It comes after an inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights found the party responsible for “unlawful” harassment and discrimination when he was leader.

Ms Berger, who resigned from the party after dealing with consistent abuse and violent threats from the public, was asked by 5 Live’s Emma Barnett if she believed the former leader was anti-Semitic.

“I call a spade a spade… If someone themselves shares a platform with anti-Semites, they’re anti-Semitic”, she said.

Responding to the EHRC report, Mr Corbyn said he was “always determined to eliminate all forms of racism” and “regretted it took longer to deliver that change than it should”.

Since this clip was broadcast, Mr Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour party.

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