Covid-19: Mediclinic confirms unvaccinated mainly make up high care, ICU admissions

Covid-19: Mediclinic confirms unvaccinated mainly make up high care, ICU admissions

  • Private hospital group says that it is seeing a similar trend as the WC public heath sector with regards to Covid-19 admissions: vaccinated vs unvaccinated.
  • This comes after a graphic of data from the Groote Schuur hospital went viral.
  • Mediclinic Southern Africa says that it has observed the prevalence of mainly unvaccinated individuals needing care for Covid-19 in high care and ICU.

Private hospital group Mediclinic Southern Africa says it is also seeing mainly unvaccinated patients requiring serious care for Covid-19 at its hospitals.

“We can confirm that we have seen a similar trend to those observed in the Western Cape public sector, regarding the prevalence of mainly unvaccinated [people] requiring care for Covid-19 within our high care and ICU facilities,” Chief Clinical Officer at Mediclinic Southern Africa, Dr Gerrit de Villiers told News24.

Mediclinic Southern Africa added that it “unequivocally supports the vaccination process based on evidence-led research around current vaccines that provides a strong indication of the dramatic impact the vaccine offers as protection against severe illness and the risk of death.

“However, the private hospital group said that it was not in a position to access full vaccination records for all of its patients as disclosure of vaccination status is voluntary.

“Our current information is observational, and as a result, we cannot provide detailed statistics on admission trends at this point,” de Villiers added.

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News24 had asked the private hospital group if it was seeing more unvaccinated persons in its hospital admissions, as well as high care or ICU. This question came after a graphic from the Groote Schuur hospital went viral on social media.

The graphic – dated 6 September – showed that of the 254 people hospitalised with Covid-19 that day, 99% (251/254) are unvaccinated. In addition, it showed that all of the patients that were in High Care/ICU and on ventilators were unvaccinated.

Many questioned whether it was authentic due to its similarities to a graphic used by a US hospital group, but researchers at the non-profit fact-checking organisation Africa Check have confirmed its authenticity.

The graphic comes at a time where the country is experiencing vaccine hesitancy. Health24 previously reported that, according to a new report, the fear of Covid-19 vaccine side-effects is the most significant driving force behind vaccine hesitancy in South Africa.

If you come across Covid-19 vaccination information that you do not trust, read Covid-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here. If you can’t find the facts you’re looking for, email us at the address mentioned in the article and we will verify the information with medical professionals.

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