Coronavirus live news: cases surge in Europe; easing of restrictions in Victoria in doubt | World news

… to take the next step to opening up safely, and we hope and commend to Victoria that the commonwealth will support them in moving to those next levels of reduced restrictions, in line with New South Wales. We have seen how a strong testing, tracing and isolation system can allow a state to manage through the challenges of this.

[There have been] over 400,000 cases a day for the last four days, consecutively, globally. In Australia, seven states and territories, zero community cases, yesterday. One state, with seven. And that means we are in a strong position, and there should be no barrier to Victoria taking those steps in line with New South Wales. And they have improved their systems and we want to commend and acknowledge that improvement. Obviously there is more to go, but they have significantly improved to a level where, in our view, they are capable of managing small case numbers, because if we do not do that, then we see the risks to mental health and health which have been so sadly evident in the numbers. But all up, it is a day of great hope.

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