Congress moves to block Trump’s Germany troop cuts in defense bill

The bill “prevents reduction in the number of U.S. forces stationed in Germany below 34,500 until 120 days after the Secretary of Defense submits an assessment and planning regarding the implications for allies, costs, military families, deterrence, and other key issues,” according to a summary of the NDAA conference report released by the House Armed Services Committee.

In late July the Trump administration said it would reduce the number of US troops in Germany from about 36,000 down to 11,900, saying that the repositioning of forces could start “within weeks.”

“We spend a lot of money on Germany, they take advantage of us on trade and they take advantage on the military, so we’re reducing the force,” Trump told reporters at the White House in July when the cuts were announced.

The bill also could affect Trump’s efforts to reduce US troop levels in Afghanistan, requiring “the Administration to submit a comprehensive, interagency assessment of the risks and impacts before using funds to draw down U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan below 4,000 or current levels and again before drawing down below 2,000,” according to a summary of the NDAA released by the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Trump has threatened to veto the NDAA unless Congress removes legal protections for social media companies.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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