CNN asked how you were feeling after the election. Here’s what you told us.

We received almost 40,000 responses in audio and writing. Dozens of people told us they were “happy,” “relieved” and “felt like they could breathe again.” However, while the overwhelming majority of responses we received expressed joy with the outcome, we did receive some responses from people who were unhappy.

“It’s finally over! As an LGBT person I was scared for me and my family’s safety, but it’s finally over!”

Pamela Cotrina, Bloomfield, New Jersey

“I’m deeply emotional today. Kamala Harris has made history. She is such an inspiration for women, especially for women of color. Today, I’m proud to be a woman of color, in this great country. This shows that women can do anything! We are one step closer to the presidency.”

Nicole McClean, Illinois

“I am an immigrant. I am a Black woman. I am a mother to a USA female sailor. I am a small business owner. I have preexisting conditions. I can breathe again. Thank God. Bless Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Bradley Beaird

“I just hope he will do what he says he will do and NOT ban fracking and stop drilling because there are many men that are struggling out there to provide for their families!!!! And we need a president that will stand up for those guys and women and not cut their means of living and being able to provide for their families!!!”

Chris, Colorado

“Best day ever! No more porn-stars, no more corruption, no more military bashing, no more tax evasion!”

Stephanie Little, Bismarck, North Dakota

“This is a beautiful moment in American history. I can’t stop crying. After four years of a President that broke me (and others) down mentally, over and over again, this makes me proud to be an American again.”

Ricardo Romeu

“I feel like America is about to be rudely awakened. This ‘President-elect’ and his running mate are too liberal for this country and do not truly understand what Freedom costs. I, like many others, will say it again Joe Biden is a FAILED career politician. 47 years with nothing but empty promises and a silent 8 years as Vice President under the Obama administration. So though CNN and the mainstream media AKA the MOB says that Joe Biden has (won), I believe it is still purely speculation and the truth of this election will come to light. #TRUMP4EVER”

Alison, Massachusetts

“I am feeling such incredible relief and renewed hope. The toxicity of the Trump presidency has been surreal, like watching a horror movie unfold, thinking it can’t get any worse until it does. Now, we can come out of the dark scary basement and into the light to celebrate this historic moment. I am beyond thrilled that not only do we have our first female VP, but that she is a woman of color. My greatest hope is that we can heal as a country and move beyond the divided nation we have become so that we can truly be the United States again. It is going to be a hard road but I have faith we can get there someday. Cheers to Biden/Harris, lead the way!”

Chris Dawson. Los Angeles, California


Liam, Austin, Texas

“There is a future for me as a gay man in America.”

Alisha, Norfolk, Virginia

“Literally in tears as I read the results and the magnitude of this moment is sinking in. I know everything will not be unraveled immediately, shoot, not even within the first two years, but it’s a chance at a fresh start. America needs a re-set! It’s important how you treat and talk to people — Pennsylvania, Arizona, Illinois and Georgia reflect that. Grateful and hopeful is how I am feeling right! Grateful and Hopeful.”

Tina, Missouri

“I trusted our economy with Trump. I’m nervous with Biden.”

Dr. Marissa Ferrazzo-Weller, Clifton, New Jersey

“I am ecstatic and relieved. I hope for more unity as a nation and a very concerted push for further racial equity as well as more focused pandemic response.”

Veronica Boller, Lexington, Kentucky

“I feel relieved, like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel grateful to know that the majority of this country feels as though character matters. I feel proud that our democracy came through and we let every voice have a chance in this election. I am not feeling afraid of Donald Trump and what he has done or will do to negatively impact our country like I have felt for a long time. I am hopeful his cabinet, campaign members, voters, and supporters will pay attention to facts. And lessen the amount of power Trump feels from people believing his blatant lies. And I’m feeling sorry that my state allows Mitch McConnell to continue his overdue time in the US Senate.”

RK, Ohio

“Sad day in America that Joe Biden might be president!”

Becky Makool, Anchorage, Alaska

“I just learned 10 minutes ago that the nightmare of Trump is finally and truly over! Hallelujah!! The tremendous hope in my heart for this outcome and a positive new start for our country has turned to joy at the news! Unity, equality, peace, and environmental protection are on their way back to the US.”

Mary Kelly English, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Ecstatic!!!!! A voice of reason, experience and true leadership will replace a narcistic, malignant, racist, misogynist, impetuous, undisciplined, corrupt and absolute immoral person who has tarnished our reputation in the world. Praise the Lord!!!! So glad to be rid of him and his corrupt family who only care about enriching themselves.”

Warren Alderton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I’m a Pennsylvania native. I am sitting here in my home, weeping with relief and happiness. At last, something good in 2020.”

Luis Garcia, Yakima, Washington

“Free at last, free at last!!! Thank GOD almighty we are Free At Last!!”

Mary Holley, Florida

“Been a Republican woman voter all my adult life, college educated and nearing retirement age, I’m proud to voice that I voted for Biden/Harris, and with their win I can breathe again. Trump’s lies and the fact the Republican establishment didn’t, or wouldn’t, reign him in from his own narcissistic bullying ways, has cost the party my commitment. As of today I will be officially changing my party affiliation. I waited to make this change as a celebratory gesture for a Biden/Harris win. And now I am a proud Democrat and American!!! Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris :)”

Angie, Florida

“I have never felt so proud to be an American. As a health care worker here in Florida, Trump did nothing to prevent Covid from spreading. Now we have a fighting chance.”

Linda Gallagher, Allentown, Pennsylvania

“I’m still so emotional and have cried happy tears over & over. As a senior (66) woman from Pennsylvania, I’m so proud to have played a small part of history with Pennsylvania putting President-elect Biden over the top. Decency will replace drama. Compassion will replace corruption. I believe, as Joe Bide does, that we are all Americans regardless of party and must come together. I’m already praying for Joe & Kamala to lead us forward.”

Simon, Orange, New Jersey

“I am content with the election of Biden and Harris and pleased with the overall success of their campaign. However, as a African-American I am cautious of the numbers of people who support the same old hate. As they stated there’s a great deal of work to be done to heal the country and we want a seat at the table of change.”

Jimmy, Louisiana

“I think it’s rigged and that Joe Biden will destroy our country. Nobody talked about the progress and the good things Trump did, only his personality flaws. Most unappreciated and accomplished president of all time.”

Silvia, California

“Sad day in America history. Never seen so much fraud in a election. The Media is the worst and never shared all the good that President Trump did for the America people. Trump clean up Obama /Biden mess for 8 suffering years. Now we can look forward to Biden selling out the USA, again. The whole country is going to look like the state of California. Where so many people have left California. Higher taxes for us who have work hard all our life and also I feel that freedom is going away.”

On Twitter and on television, President Donald Trump and his allies continue to bombard Americans with false claims about the presidential election — baselessly asserting Democrats were attempting to steal the election from Trump. There is no evidence for this. Read our fact check of these claims here.

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