Biden to formally introduce cabinet picks as transition finally begins – live updates | US news

No Democratic governors are making flight plans for Washington, DC, and Democratic senators appear – whether they and their allies like it or not – to be locked in to their current positions for now.

As the first round of nominations come in, it’s clear that Biden is choosing people who are, indisputably, experts in their fields over bigger names in Democratic politics. Some of that is a practical matter.

Democrats didn’t do well down-ballot on election day and there is little appetite within the party to risk its hold on power, even in blue states or districts, on any powerful office. The special elections that followed the departure of some Republican lawmakers for the Trump administration turned into expensive political proxy wars that inflamed partisan passions — something that Biden, in trying restore some kind of normalcy, is keen to avoid.

There will very little on-the-job-training needed for senior members of Biden’s White House. The same goes for his nominees to run massive bureaucracies like the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

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