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I have tendered my resignation as National Secretary to the CFMMEU National Executive and will continue as National Secretary of the Manufacturing Division.

I am proud of the work our union has done over the past ten years.

We have been a powerful voice for working people in some of the toughest industries in this country.

We have defended the rights of our members, protected and expanded their entitlements, delivered them better pay and a fairer share of the proceeds of their hard work.

Whatever is said about the recent history of the CFMMEU, that is the test that really matters for a union and its leadership.

These achievements have only been possible because we have been a united, cohesive union, working together toward shared goals.

Sadly, what has been an effective organisation, united in purpose is now totally dysfunctional.

The organisation has now failed the test of political maturity with people unwilling to work
together, listen to each other or compromise for the sake of the organisation and its members.

We have held this organisation together through some tough times, but unfortunately the differences are irreconcilable.

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