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Andy Beshear, Kentucky governor, says ‘we’re not going to be bullied’ amid threats to statehouses

“Our goal is to be prepared. To ensure that what happened at the US Capitol never ever happens here,” Beshear, a Democrat, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” Friday, adding that Kentucky has already activated its National Guard for assistance.

In addition to preparedness, Beshear stressed the need for “recognizing these people for who they are.”

“We got to know these people intend to cause violence, that they are domestic terrorists, and stop playing patty cake with these so-called militias thinking they just dress up like it’s Halloween and act tough,” Beshear said Friday.

“If we don’t respond, if there is not total condemnation, this becomes the new normal and that would be a pretty scary America.”

Following the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, militia members held a rally at the Kentucky statehouse, where, according to Beshear, one of the militia members showed up with zip ties.

Beshear has personally faced threats in his own state for months. Following his response to the Covid-19 pandemic in May, militia members hanged the governor in effigy.

Others walked past the barriers at the governor’s mansion where Beshear lives with his family, “chanting and heckling,” for him to come out, he said. Beshear was not at the governor’s mansion that day.

“What makes me worry is not me — it’s everybody else out there that can be threatened and intimidated by folks like this,” Beshear said Friday. “And that’s why it takes everybody. Everybody across the country saying, ‘no more.’ “

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