Africa Suffers When Presidents Think They Are Too Big to Retire

In his book titled, What is Africa’s Problem, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni writes, “One of the biggest weakening factors in Africa is tribalism and other forms of sectarianism”.

The violence that rocked several parts of Uganda last week after the arrest of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine is emblematic of the brutality that faces opposition leaders in Africa.

It is unfortunate that about 40 people were killed in cold blood while hundreds were left with injuries. Whereas Bobi Wine, a presidential candidate, was later released on bail after being charged with flouting Covid-19 guidelines, history will judge Museveni’s regime harshly after the killings.

Graphic videos and photos shared on social media showed several people lying in the streets covered in blood, allegedly shot dead.

Selfish leaders

Many young supporters are drawn to Bobi Wine by his criticism of Museveni’s government mingled in his lyrics. As a young leader, he is better positioned to tackle the challenges they face.

Museveni has been at the helm for 34 years but the country is still plagued by unrest, imbroglio and human rights violations. He had the Constitution amended twice to allow him to run a sixth time in 2021, is seeking another five-year term in the January polls. Africa is not short of monsters of selfishness and brutality.

Our political leadership is more patriarchal than matriarchal and the proclivity to chauvinistic attitude has made matters worse. Some presidents, like Museveni, change the Constitution to extend their stay in office.