Africa: President Ahmad Commemorates Former CAF Vice President General Seyi Memene

Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF) regrets to announce the death of General Seyi Memene, CAF Honorary Vice President, in Lomé (Togo), on Friday 20 night to Saturday 21 November 2020, after a long illness.

Former President of the Togolese Football Federation and former CAF First Vice President, General Memene received CAF Golden Order of Merit upon his retirement in 2011, after years of dedication and commitment to African football.

CAF President Mr. Ahmad Ahmad said “General Memene will remain in our hearts as one of the great architects of our institution’s history. He contributed to write one of CAF most beautiful pages.”. CAF President paid him a deserved tribute for “his inestimable contribution to the development of African football in general, and Togolese football in particular”. “My sincere thoughts of support and solidarity are with the family of General Memene for the loss of this great figure,” he added.

For further information:

Alexandre Siewe

CAF | Communication Director


President Ahmad commemorates Former CAF Vice President General Seyi Memene [PDF]

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