Africa: People of the Year – Average, Everyday, Ordinary Superheroes

When the chips are down, true heroes stand up. The Ordinary Folk who turned our scary Covid-19 universe into a better, kinder world are our people of the year.

First published in Daily Maverick 168 weekly newspaper

2020. The year the world changed. A year all our lives changed. A year of heightened concern, anxiety and birth, but sadly also a year of too many deaths, many more than usual. Deaths caused by a virus with a crown, called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by scientists, a virus which in turn causes coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19.

While the world was desperately searching for much-needed quick fixes and ammunition to slay the virus, the wall that stood between utter devastation, hunger and even more death, were people, ordinary people who look like all of us. But ordinary people who could not and did not simply sit at home.

And this is why Daily Maverick had no hesitation in naming these “ordinary” people, the many superheroes who were the ones who picked up the cape when SA was on its knees and will have to muster another push as a second wave gathers energy, our People of the…

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